WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Download Latest Version

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WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Latest Version

Free download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe latest version. It is very useful video converter which enables you to converter any video format to a format of your choice. You can even convert it to High Definition video format. This converter has very easy build-in functions which make it easy to convert a video. You can convert any video file to General video such as AVI, MP4, AVC, MPEG, WMV, MOV and Youtube (e.g. MP4, MPEG or FLV). There are also options to convert into DVD, HD Video, Apple’s, Sony, Microsoft, Cell Phone and Music.

WinX-HD-Video-Converter-Deluxe-screenshot-downloadIf you want to convert a video for DVD, you can select some options of your choice e.g. NTSC format or PAL with your desired aspect ratio. HD Video option enables you to convert any video into HD AVI, HD MP4, HD TS, HD MPEG, HD MOV, HD MPEG and HD Youtube videos. You can change some necessary option as well if you want to convert a video to any HD format; such as you can change the audio quality by changing its bitrate and sample rate. Video quality depends on video bitrate. Higher bitrate will increase the size of your output video but it will also make better video quality. You can also change video frame rate but it is better to keep it auto. There is an option to change setting of output image. You can keep original size and aspect ratio, custom size with original aspect ratio and custom size with custom aspect ratio. HD video output option provides you 480p, 720p and 1080p aspect ratio to get your required output video format.

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For Apple users, it has by default options to convert a video for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Apple TV HD. Similarly, Sony users can get output videos for PSP, PS3. This converter support Microsoft platform such as Xbox, Zune and Surafce. If you want to play any video into your mobile device then you can select Cell Phone option which will make it easy to convert a video for your Android, BlackBerry and Nokia cell phone. Although there are less options of cell phone models but it will fulfill your requirement to play video on your mobile device such as you can select any model which has compatibility with your mobile model.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe has also an option to get audio file. You can convert any video into MP3 file. This feature allows you to set your desired bitrate, audio sample rate and volume (increase or decrease). This converter has an extra feature which allows you to set your CPU usage e.g. you can allocate core 1 only if you are working with different software along with WInX HD Video Converter. This converter is very outstanding which helps you to convert your old video files e.g. (.DAT) video format into updated latest video format. The 15 days trial version is available for all that will work fully for 15 days. After that, you can purchase it. (Review by pcfavour)

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