Wireshark Download Latest Version

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Wireshark Latest Version

Free download Wireshark latest version 2.4.1. Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, and is the standard in many industries. Wireshark is a network packet analyzer. Its’ us ability spans across many areas, network for performance being just a couple of them. This app can also be used for debugging protocol implementations. Wireshark app is available for multiple platforms. It is free of charge and also comes as a portable download. The packet sniffer relies on Win PC app, a port of the lib pap link layer interface on windows. To provide low level network access and to access its layers it is a standard tool capable of extending the operating system.

Wireshark-screenshot-downloadIt is a simple task to install Wireshark on the system. It also gets all the tools which are necessary for grabbing network packets, analyzing and filtering them. When the portable release is launched it needs installing win pc app each time, the driver is automatically uninstalled when exiting Wireshark. To understand how it works and to use it the right way a good deal of knowledge is required.

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As the users would think the interface is not as mind boggling, it is neatly organized into three sections which allow starting a packet capture procedure complete with customization options, accessing documentation for the product or opening up a previously saved file. Wireshark can start capturing the packets, as soon as the interface has been selected. Even more in the lower pans the information about the selected packet is detailed and also presents the possibility to trace the entire route of the packet.

Filters are essential for getting to specific entries, with a huge stream of traffic coming on, Wireshark presents a large set of options which allow configuring it to focus on certain information by creating profile. In a reduced stream of data the effect is reeling which fits aim of analysis. (Review by PCFavour)

Open Source
Windows / Mac
51.11 MB (32-bit/Windows)
56.39 MB (64-bit/Windows)
44.16 MB (Portable)

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