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Xinorbis Latest Version

Free download Xinorbis latest version. Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk, folder and storage analyser. For the users who want to analyze the content of a hard drive partition or a folder the users with detailed information and visual representations of the disk usage. The users will find that the main aim of Xinorbis is to scan a target folder, USB drive, disks partition ad to generate a set of reports. In order to clean the storage device the reports can be used for distribution and analyzing the file structure.

Xinorbis-screenshotFile extension is the main criterion of analysis that enables the program to group the files into categories. In order to easily find out the number, size and folder location the users can define their own categories by specifying the file type. To identify the files which are created, accessed or modified in a specific certain time interval the dates report can help the users. It can come in handy if the users want to remove the file which are more than ten years old and occupy an important part of their hard drive.

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Actually, the program can provide the users with an impressive number of reports which can be analyzed to decide that files they should delete or archive. The users can decide on the spot or save the reports as HTML, CSV or XML files. If the analyzing data tables is not the users’ strongest features, bar graphs and included pie charts can be help them to identify the problems which need their attention. The app required insignificant resources and has the ability to complete a scan of the system partition within one minute.

During the scan process there would be no impact on the computer performance. This app can analyze and generated the reports with minimum effort if the users need more details about their disk usage. In this app the users will also find a portable edition. (Review by PCFavour)

6.35 MB
7.24 MB (Portable)

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