Zombie Hunter Survive APK for Android

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Zombie Hunter Survive APK for Android

Free download Zombie Hunter: Survive for Android with APK file. Download Zombie Hunter: Survive new version from the direct link. Zombie Hunter is amazing sniper shooting game it’s an epic apocalypse battle between human race and deadly zombies. It’s a dawn of the dead creature walking towards your town. A deadly virus spread in a lab in a medical research facility which spread all over the countryside rapidly.

Zombie-Hunter-Survive-Android-screenshotThe scientists are struggling badly to make an antidote for this deadly virus. But so far there is nothing they got nothing to cure these hungry mindless predators.. It’s war against the dead peoples. Play as ultimate savior of your town, you are trained navy marine sharpshooter. Select a safe position and use your rifle to kill these hungry monsters.

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Everyone wants to escape from the urban area to save their life, its battle for the survivor. But you are a soldier a marine you are not afraid of death. For you its kill or be killed, play as ultimate sniper assassin and hunt them down in junkyard, graveyard barren wasteland outside your town. You have to defend these 3 locations. You got unlimited ammos and bullets to take down these monsters. It’s not some Halloween party it’s a battle for walking dead monsters.

It’s amazing hunting simulation for survivor in the wasteland, take them all down. Enjoy playing this fps shooter gameplay in free time. Young and teens all can enjoy this free shooting game. You don’t have crossbow or some arrows use your rifle and don’t let them escape towards your city. Kill them all and become the savior of the human race.

It’s a new scary Zombie derby Version fps simulation experience that’s unlike anything you’ve played before! Enjoy playing this free action pack simulation adventure game. Best action pack fun gameplay for all age youngster and teens.


  • It’s a FREE game.
  • Select different themes for the hunt.
  • Choose your mode of game (Easy, Medium and Hard).
  • Reload your sniper and aim the scary zombie.
  • Achieve your objectives by shooting scary zombies and save humans at different levels.
  • You have 3 shooting lives for the fantastic zombie killing.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

17.82 MB.

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