Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Download Latest Version

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Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Latest Version

Free download Zortam MP3 Media Studio latest version. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is the best program for managing Mp3 collection. Zortam MP3 Media Studio helps its users for editing song tags, searching for adding lyrics and convert art and many more. It has also a good thing, that is accesses and it’s a lot more information about a user’s Mp3s including ID 3V1 and tags. When the users install it they get the pro version, which is a shareware but infect it is a freeware. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio application is designed to be the ultimate tool for anything Mp3 related and it is also compatible with Windows-based computer. By using Zortam Mp3 Media Studio users can search for and they can also organize their collection of Mp3s. This program also gives its users the power to easily edit the ID3 tags right on the files or from the CD tags.

zortam-mp3-media-studio-screenshot-downloadThis software has also the feature that it can transform WAV files into the capatible Mp3 format and vice versa and it can also be constructed M3U playlist. The users will find Zortam Mp3 Media Studio packed with an Mp3 and tags manager which allows its users auto-tag their Mp3s via Zortam’s date base. When the users use Zortam Mp3 Media Studio it will also manage their Mp3 play lists, with it, they can easily and quickly search for specific music files, rename files using ID3 tags and search for duplicate Mp3 files.

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If the users has a mobile device then he can sync his content to it. This program also allows its users to play their tagged Mp3 files with cover art and scrolling lyrics along with different visualization effects. It has also an advanced CD Ripper for ripping users’ CDs to Mp3 files. Overall Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is a tad which helps the users browse and tag their Mp3 music collection. It also contains music and quickly detects any MP3. (Review by PCFavour)


  • Automatically lookup and download album cover art, add lyrics to audio
  • Auto tag and fix incorrect Mp3 tags, unknown tracks and bring order into your Mp3 collection
  • CD Ripper supports the creation of Mp3 and Wav files and automatically tags the created digital audio files with cover art and lyric
  • Write ID3 tags from filenames and rename files using ID3 tags using custom and predefined formats
  • Normalize Mp3 files so they all play at the same volume
  • Export whole or part of Zortam Mp3 library (.zor) to CSV,Excel, HTML
  • Print cover art and lyrics using your browser
  • Zortam Mp3 Media Studio can recognize over 35 million music tracks
  • Search for duplicate Mp3 files using Mp3 tags or file information
  • Included Zortam Mp3 Player gives you a show of lights and images visualizing the covers of your albums and song lyrics.
12.25 MB.

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